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What is Physiotherapy?

Welcome to Hull Physio

Physiotherapy is the physical assessment and treatment used to manage a range of disorders and conditions that can affect your body. Physiotherapy helps problems with joints, muscles and nerves to function at their full capacity. All physiotherapists at Hull Physio are Chartered Physiotherapists. This means they have all attended university for at least three years.

Physiotherapists are independent practitioners. This means they are able to diagnose and treat. You do not need a referral from a doctor to see a Physiotherapist since they are autonomous practitioners and are, therefore, fully qualified to diagnose and treat conditions which are within their scope of practice and area of expertise. There are many differing areas of physiotherapy. Physiotherapists can specialise in; orthopaedics, sports injuries, surgical rehabilitation, respiratory, neurological rehabilitation. The physiotherapists at Hull Physio have chosen to specialise in orthopaedic surgery and sports and musculoskeletal injuries. The chartered physiotherapist at Hull Physio will refer you back to a doctor if after your physiotherapy assessment your condition is found to be outside the area required for physiotherapy treatment.

Physiotherapists are able to utilise a large variety of treatments to reduce pain, increase range of movement, increase strength and normalise movement patterns. This can be done through; massage, manipulation, acupuncture, mobilisation, hydrotherapy, exercise programmes and electrotherapy machines.

All the physiotherapist at Hull Physio have vast experience of the hands on approach to physiotherapy treatment. Whether you are suffering from a problem with your back or neck, sports injury or work related disorder, our physiotherapists are able to put in place a treatment that will optimise your recovery.

Physiotherapy is the treatment choice for many conditions and injuries that affect our bodies. This varies from a huge range of muscular and joint problems; including common sprains and strains, to more complex case or conditions where lots of factors need to be considered.

our physiotherapists can treat spinal conditions causing headaches, back pain and sciatica. Many problems require muscle balance assessment with specific flexibility and strength exercises to assist postural re-education. All our physiotherapist have post graduate experience in physiotherapy treatment. Some of our physiotherapists are qualified to manipulate, inject or provide acupuncture. The approach we choose will be the one that best meets your need.

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