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About us

Welcome to Hull Physio

Hull Physiotherapy Clinic is dedicated to offering a high quality physiotherapy service to the local area. Hull Physio is committed to providing to physiotherapy services to individual patients, amateur sports clubs, and businesses in our local area.

The physios at Hull Physiotherapy have a high level of expertise in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, surgery and sports injuries. Our physiotherapists have a good working relationship with local doctors and surgeons. We have a good understanding of the most recent recommended rehabilitation protocols, this ensures that your condition can be treated as effectively as possible. Hull Physio provide physiotherapy to patients of all levels of abilities. This ranges from the elderly to the young, and from the professional athlete to those who simply want to achieve everyday tasks in a pain free way.

The physiotherapists at Hull Physio are experienced at progressing your treatment from its earliest onset back through to full function / sporting participation.

Our physiotherapists aim to achieve your recovery in the quickest possible timeframe. To do this all the physiotherapists at Hull Physio regularly undertake continued professional development in the field of health and physiotherapy. This keeps our physiotherapists at the leading edge of physiotherapy and rehabilitation knowledge. Hull Physio recommend accessing the experience of our physiotherapists at the earliest opportunity, this will ensure your condition is treated at the first stage so you can expect the optimum outcome. Our clients appreciate the level of dedication we provide to their rehabilitation experience. They take comfort from the knowledge of our physiotherapists and the high quality facilities that Hull Physio provides.

Making the choice of physiotherapy practice can be a complicated on. By selecting Hull Physio we are confident that you will be putting your rehabilitation in the experienced hands of our physiotherapists. Hull Physiotherapy Clinic works alongside many of the major health insurers and is please to be providing physiotherapy services of the highest quality.

Hull Physio Clinic has plenty of car parking and relaxing reception facilities. Our clinic is disabled friendly and we have two ground floor treatments rooms (these can be specifically requested at the time of booking your physiotherapy assessment). Hull Physio can take payment via cash, cheque, credit / debit card, or we can liaise with your solicitor or insurer and take payment directly.

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